Small hydro is a renewable and pollution free source of power generation. Due to short gestation period and almost negligible impact on environment, small hydro power is attracting world-wide attention. Further there is an urgent need to promote renewable energy projects for energy security of a country; it is given much more importance not only in developing countries but in developed countries also.

Small Hydro represents highest density resource and stands in the first place in generation of electricity of all the non-conventional renewable energy sources throughout the world.

India’s total installed capacity is 3,44,000 MW, out of which large hydro contributes 45,000 MW and small hydro( upto 25 MW) is around 4,500 MW. As far as Himachal Pradesh is concerned, hydro potential is around 27,000 MW, out of which harnessed capacity is 10,500 MW has been harnessed so far. There are around 686 no. projects (upto 5 MW) totalling to 1,331 MW which are under various stages of clearances. Therefore, there is lots of scope in the field of investigation, designing and construction of hydro electric projects.