• The Foundation carries out relief operations in the event of natural calamities like fire, flash floods, wind-storm, earthquakes and cloud bursts. The Foundation has helped victims by way of providing free medicines, shelter, food and rehabilitation to safer places.
  • The Foundation regularly contributes to the “CHIEF MINISTER’S RELIEF FUND” which is used for rehabilitation of the affected individuals. Crores of rupees has been donated by the Foundation to provide immediate succour and relief to natural disaster victims.
    The Foundation reaches out to the affected people and provides supply of ration, blankets, utensils, clothing, tarpaulin, CGI sheets for emergency shelter.
  • The Foundation has been the first to reach remote calamity struck locations such as Chinchawadi and Janglikh Village in District. Shimla and Flood Victims in Suni, District Shimla.
  • In Malana village, when fire destroyed the whole village, Foundation provided the first relief materials such as bedding material, food and medicines, to all inhabitants besides donating Rs. 12.60 lakh to the State Relief Fund.
  • Similarly, when fire destroyed Shilla village and Solang village in Distt. Kullu, Dahar village in District Mandi and Kashaini Village in district Shimla, the Foundation provided bedding material, food and tents to the victims of fire.
  • When fire caused destruction to Brua village in Distt. Kinnaur, Foundation provided Rs. 11.00 lakh to the victims of fire for their relief and rehabilitation.
  • When heavy rains caused devastating floods in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the Foundation contributed Rs. 51.00 lakh to the State of Uttarakhand and Rs. 32.00 lakh to the state of Himachal Pradesh through the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
  • When Shimla town faced acute water shortage in the month of May & June 2018 foundation augmented the water supply of Shimla town by adding water transported from Sunni to Gumma which served more than 30000 people per day.