Over a quarter of a century ago, when Sai Engineering Foundation was established with the noble mission to serve the fellow human beings, the idea met with widespread scepticism. Some critics thought it to be a pipe dream, others rejected it as impossible and some thought of it as a utopian idea. A handful of like-minded people were convinced and committed enough to say “Let’s do it”. They were confident, brimming with positive attitude, committed to the idea and un-relenting hardwork with a firm belief in age old adage, “Hard work never goes un-rewarded”.
It has been a momentous journey for the Foundation with its sweet and sour moments.

  • The Foundation has contributed substantially in the field of Clean, Green Energy by harnessing hydro power within the State where it has worked on numerous small and medium projects in most cost effective and time bound manner. Not only this, today the Foundation has extended its services to the adjacent State of Uttarakhand and is also extending its activities to the States of Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal and Sikkim too. As of now, within Himachal Pradesh, the hydro power generation potential has been realised to an extent of 40 per cent and a significant component of the remaining potential is in advanced stages of construction. In order to deepen our commitment to the avowed mission and in view of threats of Global Warming, The Foundation is planning to venture into the field of other non-conventional energy sources which can either be harnessed in a hybrid fashion or as standalone sources. As an adjunct field of Clean Energy development either through joint ventures with Indian and foreign counterparts, with proven track record, or based on technology transfer. It firmly believes that this will lead the organization into newer areas and enable it to contribute critically to the welfare of mankind.
  • Design and Consultancy, Charitable activities, Future activities: Today, due to valuable contribution of associated members in terms of their strong determination, positive attitude, sincerity, dedication and honesty, the Foundation has passed some milestones in its journey in diverse fields of technical expertise and competence. We must be unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence without letting go of our original vision i.e. to be able to serve fellow human beings. The Foundation shall continue to vigorously pursue its vision and social obligations. In the recent years, the Foundation has devoted itself to providing quality schooling to the relatively underprivileged and imparting skills with very strong employability content on the one hand, and deepening diversification of land use in hither to unexplored areas which are extremely remunerative and significantly contribute to environmental protection and conservation on the other hand. The Foundation believes in “Now” as rightly said by Sri Satya Sai Baba:-

“The Past is beyond recovery, because those days are gone; the Future you are not sure of; the given moment is Now, so act in the path of right direction.”